Who We Are

Quantum CIQ was founded and is owned by Claire Reynolds and Nicole Matejic.

Claire and Nicole first worked together within the Australian Department of Defence, delivering the Australian Army’s Mercedes Benz G-Wagon fleet into service in 2012. Recognising their complementary skill sets, qualifications and a shared sensibility for crisis and issues management, Claire and Nicole continued to collaborate while Claire worked in Korea for 3 years and Nicole grew her now retired brand ‘Social Media Monster’ beyond its initial mandate into two separate companies and a book while also working internationally.

Meet the Quantum CIQ team: 

Managing Partner
Co-founder and Managing Partner of Quantum CIQ Claire is a highly skilled communications and event specialist with over 15 years experience across Australian Federal Government, both within the public service and as a ministerial adviser.
Claire has worked in with NGO’s and NFP’s both within Australian and Internationally, leveraging her expertise in driving and managing change for successful outcomes. Claire is regularly sought out for high impact roles and is focused on providing business optimisation across the totality of the communications spectrum.
Claire’s international expertise, together with her crisis and issues management acumen offers holistic communications solutions to our clients, spanning the branding, reputation, strategy and stakeholder relations environments.
Managing Partner

Co-founder and Managing Partner of Quantum CIQ, Nicole is an internationally recognised military information operations and social media warfare adviser who is a regular instructor for and speaker to NATO.

Nicole works extensively with Governments around the world in the areas of counter terrorism, CVE, SOCMINT communications, crisis and issues management, strategic communications, traditional and social media engagement.

Nicole’s first book ‘Social Media Rules of Engagement’ is available in Australian bookstores and via the Amazon and iBooks stores.

Nicole holds the following academic appointments:

  • Charles Sturt University – School of National Security and Terrorism; and
  • RMIT University – School of Media and Communications


Customer Experience Consultant

Ben’s expertise ensures the customer at the centre of everything a business does. He designs, implements, and embeds Voice of the Customer programs that inform business strategy and drive business outcomes such as more engaged staff, higher retention rates of customers, and ultimately greater profits.

Ben works with us on projects that navigate the behavioural insights, social media and change management environments to ensure the customer experience journey is mapped, understood and quantified for each client’s needs.

Social Media Strategist, Creative Content Consultant

Jordana is a social media strategist, author and creative content consultant who works with clients to enhance their social media marketing, content marketing and creativity skills. Her new book, Capture My Attention: How to Stand Out Online with Creative Content, is filled with hands-on strategies and techniques, plus workbook-style exercises, to instantly generate captivating content.

Jordana is a former News Corp Australia journalist, she worked as online music editor, content producer and social media manager at Nova Entertainment, she’s written and performed sold-out shows in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, she speaks at corporate conferences around the world, and she runs an online safety program for school students.